Interview with Fear of Men

Hearing the sweeping melodies of Fear of Men’s ‘Ritual Confession’ for the first time makes the hairs on your neck tingle with joy and your heart skip with delight. The second time, you’re inescapably swept along with its hazy dreams. This is timeless indiepop in its purest form, simple, breath taking and with a fuzz box injection of wry intellect.

They are a melting pot of splits and opposites: consisting of two boys and two girls, based in two cities- London and Brighton, born from visual art but creating the aural and playing delicate harmonies, but with an alt-distortion suckerpunch. Even their name juxtaposes their feminist author influence. However, rather than simply being a mismatched hipster Abba, Fear of Men maintain purposeful control of their image, sound and direction.

Haven already released the super limited edition cassette, ‘Hannah Schygulla Demos’, through Sex Is Disgusting, Jess, Dan, Lin and Andrew are finally set to come out from behind their obtuse faceless imagery for good. The Line of Best Fit caught up with vocalist Jess before the beauty of ’Ritual Confession’ humbles us all.

Continued here.

Originally published on The Line Of Best Fit August 11, 2011

Fear of Mens ‘Ritual Confession’.


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