Twin Falls- ‘Slow Numb’ album review

Originally published on Neon Filler September 15, 2011

To spot a failed musician, then look no further than record label proprietors or music journalists. There’s a belief stating- hanging around with pop-stars means their glamour will rub off, and you’ll get a name check from the stage. It doesn’t happen.

So it’s surprising when a former label owner make the transition into recording artist, with a deal and a proper album in their own right.

This is what happened to Luke Stidson. After taking a well-deserved cup of tea when his label Exercise 1 ceased, he started recording under Twin Falls and created this wonderfully woozy and romantic record, Slow Numb.

With Slow Numb Stidson has explored his love of his native Somerset and taken it to the heartland of lo-fi America, a landscape where Connor Oberst and Jason Lytle wander the prairies looking for Sparklehorse rarities.

Self-produced and playing many of the instruments himself, Stidson has stamped his personality on Slow Numb, and with that his record collection, resulting in an album which is brimming with influences, sometimes to the detriment of his own identity.

Continued here.


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