Jens Lekeman-‘An Argument With Myself’ EP review

Originally published on Neon Filler September 19, 2011

Jens Lekeman‘s first recorded material in four years is hardly a digression from his trademark swooping indie storytelling, but is laced with extra wit and a springy beat.

The title track is a burst of Paul Simon’s 80’s world music calypso, housing a loathsome view of drunk backpackers “pouring out like a tidal wave of vomit” from reggae nights in his self-exiled home of Melbourne as he walks the city’s streets.

Lekman has Google-mapped the EP on his blog allowing listeners to follow his lyrical journey, which goes a long way to realising New Directions and its lyrics such as  “The 45 merges into E20, the E20 merges into E6” as a sprightly light funk AA route-planner through Gothenburg.

Continued here.


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