My Toys Like Me- ‘Come On Sunshine’ album review

Originally published on The Line of Best Fit September 26, 2011

The sci-fi geeks who watch Dr Who had their fears realised in a recent episode where people were transported into a miniaturised wendy house inside a cupboard and  attacked by dolls.  Not quite as scary as IT or Gremlins (I still can’t watch either), but it went some way to reaffirming that toys can’t be trusted.

The only way to subjugate toys is to do unspeakable things to them. Little boys learn to do this early on by ripping dolls heads off, and girls probably cut the tails of My Little Ponies. For grown-ups the answer is to bastardise Fisher Price Spell-and-Learn boards into sequencers, or customise Game Boys in to gabba squelches.

For My Toys Like Me’s debut, 2009′s Where We Are, these methodologies were seemingly employed by the Londoners to create the fizzbomb 8-bit electro-pop of childhood nightmares, covered in Angel Delight with a banger under it: It was Crystal Castles for kids, Lazy Town down a K hole. With Come On Sunshine the sugar rush has subsided and the Frances Noon and Lazlo Legezer led collective have found themselves in the grown up world of electro grooves and crafted beats……Continued here.


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