Stone Roses Reunite for gigs and album

The Stone Roses confirmed they have reunited for a 2012 world tour and will be playing new songs.

The four elderly scrotums will play Madchesters Heaton Park named after Hull fan and Housmartins singer Paul on June 29 and 30.

The good news is people’s obsession with Kasabian may be quelled in the furore to buy Global Hyper Colour T-shirts and twat hats.

Hufty former presenter of the word will hopefully be compare at the events. The north east Catholic Lesbian recently appeared on Geordie Finishing School for Girls off of the Telly.

Fellow 90’s reject Terry Christian presented the Word with Hufty, and was from Manchester- as are the Stone Roses.

Christian was unavailable for comment but would have said: “ey ey ey, top stuff”.

Three Longers later saw the Stone Roses once- They were fucking shit.

Tickets for the swagger lad fest’s go on sale Friday October 21 through / 0844 811 0051 / 0844 826 2826 /

Huffty off of the Telly


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