Bandstand Busks

Originally published on Londonist October 28, 2011

Photo by Anika Mottershaw

Bandstand Busks have been taking place across London since 2008 with wonderful bands playing acoustically for free. The latest Busk takes place on the Eve of All Hallows Eve (the day before Halloween to you and me featuring performances from dreamy London duo Big Deal and swooning Swedish electronica- The Deer Tracks.

Starting from a desire to make use of London’s unused bandstands, Bandstand Busks have had artists like Guillemotts, Emmy The Great and Lulu and The Lampshades play the city’s bandstands and even hosted a stage at the 2011 Meltdown festival. The busks are all filmed and avaialble to watch on the Bandstand Busks blog.

Having been to several busks, it’s a pleasure to see crowds gathered around the often overlooked bandstands, breathing new life in to a classic feature of London’s parks, and gives the musicians an opportunity to play stripped down and for free to new audiences.

Londonist caught up with Anika Mottershaw, one of the four organisers to find out how Bandstand Busks came about.

What kind of musicians do you get to play, and who would you like to play?
Anyone good! They don’t have to be signed, local, new or old- we really have no rules. Dream bands… well, I’d love to have Wildbirds & Peacedrums back.

Continue reading full article here.

The next Bandstand Busks takes place at Northampton Square, Clerkenwell (Just of St John’s Street) featuring Big Deal and The Deer Tracks, Sunday October 30, from 3pm. It’s all for free!

Bandstand Busk favourites,Lulu and The Lampshades, play a special gig in aid of Cystic Fibrosis at the Victoria, Dalston, November 9, Tickets £6 in advance from We Got Tickets.


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