Fortuna pop 15 ft The Primitives: Scala, 1/11/11 live review

Originally published on The Line Of Best Fit November 8, 2011

The Stone Roses‘ reformation may have grafted the great indie comeback – initiated by Blur and qualified by Pulp – onto the hearts of nostalgic thirtysomethings who, despite finally getting to grips with Soundcloud, feel their 90’s expertise is redundant in the eyes of the blogs, but for Fortuna Pop the love affair with jangly guitar pop had never disappeared.

Tonight the indie label celebrates its fifteenth birthday, with the first of three consecutive night shows at Kings Cross’ Scala, which marries something old, new, borrowed and blue, from across its back catalogue.

Norwich’s Bearsuit are the new. Since reaching number four in John Peel’s Festive Fifty ten years ago, the five piece have kept invigorating sprightly indie-pop. They ditched the flutes and strings before it became the hipster mainstay and adopted dirty synth groove when its hype had passed. Tonight proves it was the right move as they remain an aggressively punchy twee troupe residing in Peel’s mythology. ‘When Will I be Queen’ and ‘Please Don’t Take Him Back’ bound through Bearsuit’s new grimy bass laden Yeah Yeah Yeah’s direction, while ‘Foxy Boxer’ emerges as a hidden indie-pop gem from a band who don’t even need the proper charts.

Not that any charts will be bothered by Cinema Red and Blue: a super group of borrowed members of Crystal Stilts and Comet Gain, who play the same stage the following night, but are merely reminiscent of a pub band covering Soul Asylum songs with a Hammond Organ……CONTINUE READING HERE

The Primitives on No 73- I loved that show.


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