Interview with Emmy The Great

Originally published on Londonist November 21, 2011

When Londonist found out adopted Londoner Emmy The Great and indiepop heart throb Tim Wheeler were playing a one off Christmas show at Bush Hall on December 14our hearts swooned with thoughts of snow flakes and fireside jumpers, and we weren’t far off.

Their album, This Is Christmas, evokes thoughts of eggnog parties with friends, rather than battling the Borough Market seasonal crowds. A free download of Christmas Day (I wish I was Surfing) shows that their attitude is more Ramones covering Beach Boys Christmas than a twee Mistletoe and Wine…..

What was it like recording with Tim on something for release and not just personal fun?

To be honest, this project was just personal fun pretty much the whole way through. We didn’t really know we would make a Christmas album until we were 5 songs in, and then it wasn’t until after we finished it that we found someone to put it out. I think that’s perhaps reflected on the record. Hopefully it comes across that we were giggling almost all the way through the recording……CONTINUE READING HERE


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