Interview with Pris

Originally published on Londonist November 29

North London’s Prisare the kind of sassy rock n roll vixens of mythology. They’re part Blondie’s sultry post punk, part Alice Cooper glam, with Courtney Love strutting, and seemingly living on a diet purely of Babycham and lipstick. Not content with ripped fishnets they’re ripping into mainstream lad rock as the antidote to the likes of Radiohead or Hard-Fi and  aim to take over the world, insulting most people on the way.

Their forthcoming single A Bomb in White Heat, with its video filmed on the streets of Walthamstow, is a diatribe against Hoxton and its laughable hipster wannbe attitude emulated in the Being A Dickhead’s Cool YouTube video. Not even the faux vintage chic of Florence escapes Pris’ bile, but this just adds to their honesty; they don’t need to copy an image when they ooze style and glamour while writing high-heel hooky punk stomps.

Londonist caught up with Pris‘ singer Kat Gordon to discuss playing gigs with the Manic Street Preachers, and their love/hate relationship with London.

What do Pris sound like in a sentence?
Better than all the other bands around today.

Describe your musical philosophy to us.
Rip it down, stick it on, pick it up and pout, pout, pout.

Congratulations on playing with The Manic Street Preachers. How did that feel?
It was amazing to play with one of the best bands from the past 20 years who are actually still going and not doing this whole reunion malarkey.

And of course making it on to Nicky Wires 6Music playlist. What was the national airplay like?
Nicky Wire has always had a great taste in music so it was inevitable he’d like us.

What area of London are you based and how has that area influenced Pris’ music?
We’re all based in North London. We’re influenced by hate. We’ve just written a song called A Bomb in White Heat it’s about the east London music scene, exclusive haircuts, mannequin dickheads; ‘’I’m a model don’t you know? Alexa is my friend on Facebook”.

Pris look brilliant and seem to have a love for New Wave 12”s and 90’s DIY. What inspired your style and where you get your records & clothes from?
Thanks. We look brilliant because we love brilliant people like Betty Blue, Nancy Spugnen, Alice Cooper to Audrey Hepburn. Our fans send us records, which is flattering and kind. Sadly we’re only young enough to only own CD collections and the futile mp3s, but nothing sounds as pretty as a shiny, glossy vinyl with amazing artwork, does it? We exchange clothes with each other, shop at Forever 21, Primark and New Look and if we’re feeling expensive then Topshop. All the Oxford Street clothes shops are great. I’d like to say we shop in charity shops around Brick Lane but we just don’t want to end up looking like Florence Welch….CONTINUE READING HERE


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