Top 10 Christmas Gigs

Originally published: Londonist December 5, 2011

We can’t avoid Christmas in London now. We’ve already cracked open the mince pies and taken a peek at the Christmas lights  and ice rinks, but we don’t need to veer too far from our usual standards. There are still brilliant gigs taking place while keeping the Christmas spirit.

Christmas music is no longer the domain of 70’s tedium or naff comedians spoiling classic songs to be repeated in supermarkets ad nasuem. Now, credible musicians are releasing seasonal songs of quality and promoters are putting together shows which embody the coming together spirit of glad tidings while still being something the music fan would want to go to….

  1. Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler @ Bush Hall– W12, 14 December. After sharing her Christmas survival tips with Lononist, Emmy the Great takes the stage with Tim Wheeler to bring their wonderful album This is Christmas to life. This one off show will no doubt see the couple decked in Christmas jumpers, and glittering tinsel while Emmy’s swooning lyrics and Tim’s pop-punk prowess cuddle Bush Hall like overly brandied egg nog. Home for the Holidays and Zombie Christmas are the perfect seasonal songs, embodying the excitement and kinship all wrapped up in a kick ass tune. As far away from a novelty Russ Abbot Christmas ditty as you can get. Tickets £16+bf.……….Continue reading full article here.



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