The Line Of Best Fit 2012 Writers Picks

Photo by Emiliano Marquez. Please don’t sue me- I will remove if it you want- this is all non commercial and not part of The Line Of Best Fit. I just wanted to share it cos it’s amazing.

Originally published: The Line Of Best Fit, January 3, 2011

David Newbury

The guitar died when Mclusky split up; over shadowed by fey electro duo’s and High Street skinny jeans, the axe became whining, maudlin, frankly pussy Samaritan for bored acoustic loners, but in 2012 crunching distortion pierces the air again. Take the last great single of 2011, Radiohead’s ‘The Daily Mail’ with its Pablo Honey climax, then put in next to the upstarts-Fanzine’s jangly grunge, Fear of Men’s ethereal art-gaze, or even Ringo Deathstarr who decimated the Smashing Pumpkins from their support slot- and you see an instrument oozing re-educated charisma. The guitar’s resurgence may have had a false start with Yuck and awful Airship, but everyone starts on a shit PC before getting a Mac, right? With rumours of Kevin Shields material, a new Shrag record and Pulled Apart By Horses finally hitting the right gear, a pair of decent earplugs will be 2012’s fashion de jour……Continue reading full article here.


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