Top 10 Songs About London Streets- I’ll have an A to Z please Bob

Originally published: Londonist January 9, 2011

The death of Bob Holness on 6 January was a sad affair. Memories came flooding back of watching Blockbusters with granny and gramps, dreaming of how amazing it would be to be a student — you could get to appear on this wonderful show.

Being a student turned out different — Blockbusters repeats on Challenge TV in-between inverted triple kick-flips on Tony Hawks 2 for the Xbox, surrounded by gin bottles, ashtrays and books on theoretical phenomenology…..

59 Lyndhurst Grove, Pulp

They were dancing with children round their necks/ Talking business, books and records, art and sex.

A song about a “crap” middle-class party Jarvis Cocker went to in Camberwell where there were children, perish the thought. It’s a melancholic late-night tale laced with Pulp’s signature noir-synth and Cockers obtuse observations. Part of the Inside Susan trilogy of songs from the early 90s.……..CONTINUE READING FULL ARTICLE ON LONDONIST.


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