London Music Ones To Watch 2012

Originally published: Londonist 12 January, 2012

London produces the best music in the world with home grown talent revitalising itself each year, and 2012 guarantees to silence those troublesome Manc and Brooklynite competitors for good.

No longer is London’s music scene defined by a specific patch or cliquey area. Whereas the past had Carnaby Street, the Kings Road, Camden or the ‘Ditch as its dominant Zone 2 focus, 2012 reflects London as a whole with bands from Bromley, Watford and Kingston making our Ones To Watch list……

……The Staves
These three Watford sisters produce the kind of beautiful folk pop only a lifetime spent weaving knotted harmonies can produce. Avoiding the traditional folk tendencies of The Watersons they draw from the melodies of the great 60s groups like Crosby Stills Nash and Young, yet adding mesmerising porcelain fragility. The Staves produce a contemporary folk bypassing the novelty waistcoat and banjo quirks recently prevalent in the genre.
The Staves’ Mexico EP is out now. They play HMV’s Next Big ThingThe Borderline 8 February and Islington Assembly Hall 16 February.



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