Tribes – Baby; album review

Originally published: The Line Of Best Fit January 16, 2012

It would be easy to dismiss Tribesout of hand. There’s something easy to dislike about four lads who still hang around Camden beyond the age of 14, and they don’t do themselves any favours by dressing like Razorlight just before they decided leather tassels and cowboy hats were “in”. Also, occupying the middle ground between rock and indie is about as enigmatic as a Feeder B-side. With indie-rock still recovering from the collateral damage caused by the existence of The Towers of London, have Tribes simply appeared too soon?

On the other hand, might not writing a band off for being excited about guitar rock and singalong choruses just be admitting that you hate music? We may not all like it, but the anthemic leanings of the ‘Mr Brightside’-s and ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’-s of the world are, arguably, what guitars are made for, and it’s this passion – the passion of a fan-filled field – which Tribes strive for on their debut, Baby….CONTINUE READING FULL ARTICLE HERE


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