Madonna Finally we have pop music back.

For too long pop music has been caught up in fashion, shock and acceptance. A hipster dominated industry belittles anything which doesn’t live up to its bass fuelled desires and backlashes start before the first remix is released. But finally pop can brazenly star jump in spandex once again, because at long last we have Madonna back.

Dear old Madge with her man arms, orphans and divorces. The MDNA who’s reinvented herself more times than a blogger’s changed their hair and for whom self-parodying is second nature. Yet she remains fully aware of the pop paradigm of which she excels. And with the release of the video to Give Me All Your Luvin’ she’s proved pure pop trumps fads.

Lately Lady GaGa and Katy Perry have perched on pop’s roost, while the boys have out sub-wobbled one another by dub-stepping every conceivable record,  but as she sings “Every record sounds the same you gotta step into my world” on Give Me All You Luvin’ she reveals them as mere pretenders to here throne. Pop has copied and emulated Madge’s idea, but it’scounterfeit..

Only Madonna could get away with releasing such a frankly cheesy song with naff video and still propel pop music onto a new plateau, because she invented postmod

Madonna Hitchhiking Sex 1992

At a time when Michael Jackson became Bad, U2 were still in stetsons and Prince had his name, Madge thrust a black Christ, gay culture- the Vogue, and her nether regions towards us knowing we needed fresh provocative ideas. Then while the world zig-a-zig-ah’d with girl power, she made her come back with the gothic Frozen.  Now she’s done it by reverting back to saccharine self-referencing pop.  She’s given us some fun.

Give Me All Your Luvin’ is thoroughly self-mocking, the video shows her throwing back a baby doll, referencing her rejected Malawian adoption, has old school gangsters for a bit of Dick Tracey,  and she dresses as Marilyn Monroe linking to her Material Girl beginnings, she even sings ‘Lucky Star’. The whole video qualifies how the industry can set up a career, but it’s the fans which make you a star.

The song itself is pure pop joy, it’s has a cheerleading intro of “LUV Madonna”, courtesy of M.I.A and Nicki Minaj, which is destined for the American psyche and is immediately catchy, before the simplest of pop beats bounce along. There’s no dub-step break down, no stuttering Vocoder and avoids the RnB trap.  Minaj and M.I.A add some rap breaks, but this is to accept their talents rather than merely cashing in on their flavour of the moment street cred’.

Madonna - Sex by Steven Meisel, 1992

M.I.A’s appearance on the track is particularly inspired as her new video, to the amazing Bad Girls, appeared on the same day. She’s is a different kind of star to Madonna, much more credible and truly cutting edge, yet mirrors MDNA’s attitude to pop. It’s edgy, uncomfortable and exciting, which explains these two artists sharing a platform says more about passing the on the pop baton than a choreographed kiss with Britney Spears ever did.

Madonna’s achievement with Give Me All Your Luvin’ is her self-depreciation and the understanding that pop music shouldn’t be disjointed bleeps and photo shoots, it should be carefree enjoyment. It’s an integral part to pop which a lot of artists forget. Pop has been too serious and hipster conscious for too long, LDR is a casing point, and with one song Madge has managed to reset the genre.

There is a lot of criticism for her Madonna, as it will no doubt start all again, which is fair enough, because pop stars should be allowed to speak, and never try to do good. Geri Halliwell is a prime example.  Popstars need to sing, dance and flaunt it and give us some good old escapism with bright pretty colours and catchy chorus’, abilities Madonna still ooze with style and glamour.


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