The IntererWeb’s Best Album Streams 7-2-2012

The discovery of the internets in a Chillian acid mine has spawned may fads. People used to use chat room and forums -remeber Angst on the NME- but now they’re just for paedos and sci-fi fans. The rest use Twitter.

The latest, and by far best, is the album stream. They’re chances to hear the hippest and most happending news sounds for the crowds before they’re released. Finally you have a chance to judge for youself what you want to spend your gin overdraft on.

No longer are you dependent on the views of music hacks –although we are right- or a leading single to decide what’s hot. Now music is more accessible meaning the bands we want to love have to be better to stand out, and streams allow us to gauge their talents.

Yet with so much out there and too many distractions, it’s difficult to find where the best steams are. So to help you spend more time procrastinating Three Longers Later brings you the first round up the best of this week’s album streams.  NOTE THIS IS A TRAIL RUN FOR A WEEKLY COLUMN ON THE 405

Mark Lanegean Band – Blues Funeral – Exclaim

Lanegan is a phenomenal musical presence. Whether working with Isobel Campbel or Josh Homme,  his bulldozer tones manage to shake the foundations of music itself, and Blues Funeral takes his guttural rumblings to a new level . This stream proves his voice is pretty much perfect. Read the 405’s review

Air- Les Voyage dans la Lune  – The Guardian.

After a disappointing couple of albums, Air return to their 10,00Hz legend best with louche interpretation of George Méliès’s 1902 silent film A Trip to the Moon. There are big prog elements and building drums yet it flutters through Air’s uniquely epic late night style.

Paul McCartney – Kisses on the Bottom –  Spinner

Now you’re not going to buy the Paul McCartney album are you? Good. This stream proves why you shouldn’t. Don’t tolerate his transformation in to the Cliff Richard of mediocrity.

David’s Lyre- Picture of Our Youth– Drowned in Sound

From the moment English Roses starts with its riff from The Mad Lads’ Make This Young Lady Mine (also on De La Soul’s Eye Know),  there’s something intriguing about David’s Lyre. Whether it’s the swirling song writing, the Patrick Wolfesque poppiness, or loose strings, isn’t known but it’s certainly this week’s hidden streamed gem.

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Sharon Van Etten- Tramp – Spinner

Sharon Van Etten’s Tramp, is as perfect an album as 2012 will produce. Filled with beautiful vocals and amazing songs, Tramp is the album everyone wants to fall asleep with to generate dreams of infinite dusty plains. It’s the sound of David Lynch sitting in a silent room, simply thinking. Essential.

Spinner also streams Ben Kweller doing his usual passable geeky college rock while Band of Skulls plod through their thunder rock.

Blondes Blondes – Spin Magazine

This album is huge, and this stream should have crashed Spin’s site. Part trippy psy trace with grinding guitar undertones, part neo rave Valhalla, this is what the god had planned when he invented Techno.  Kraftwerk would be proud. Listen to it them buy it.

Of Montreal-Paralytic Stalks – Pretty Much Amazing

Although a divisive band their importance cannot be ignored, yet Kevin Barnes’ song writing is often underrated. This stream may just be preaching to the converted but a couple of listens should gently sweep you away with its epic melodies, and melding of discordant pop and funk.Read The 405 review


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