Inverview with Fever Dream

Originally Published Londonist: February 3, 2012

East London’s Fever Dreammanage the rare feat of sounding like all your favorite bands without parodying any of them.

Their inclusion in our Ones To Watch list was earned following a mesmerizing Lexington show which teetered on the edge of disjointed drone, yet maintained composure by transcending lo-fi shoegaze into an ethereal post-punk. Think The Fall’s bite, with Ride’s melody and the ingenuity of These New Puritans and the scope of Fever Dream’s abilities become apparent. Debut single This Waste oozes apocalyptic guitars yet remains hauntingly distant and subtle. It’s discerning noisy dream-pop for people with angular sensibilities……

…..What do Fever Dream sound like in a sentence?
Kittens eating cupcakes with broken glass centres.

Describe your musical philosophy to us.
To play songs loud enough so no one can hear you mess up, or you’re out of tune. And to rip off enough bands in each song that they almost end up sounding original……CONTINUE READING HERE


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