Barry Adamson – I Will Set You Free: album review

Legends always need a companion to support their id. Whether it’s Don Quixote’s Sancho Panza or Sherlock’s Dr Watson, our heroes of folklore need a trusted squire to fulfil their destinies. So it is with pop music; its revered stars gaining critical acclaim and getting name-dropped with aplomb while vying for an ATP curatorship, but rarely is it possible without a reliable buttress.

This is Barry Adamson’s role, the smoke machine operator for David Copperfield’s illusions, the shadow man of Magazine, Visage and The Bad Seeds. Yet it’s through this patronage that Adamson has been able to fulfil his passion for dark outsider soundscaping: While Devoto grew into iconography and Nick Cave became the boatman reaper, Adamson tilted towards the gritty realism of the streets on the sinisterly urban Moss Side Story and life’s bleak underbelly with the Mercury nominated Soul Murder…….CONTINUE RADING HERE

Originlly published: The Line of Best Fit, February 12, 2012



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