New Malcolm Middleton album due in April

Malcolm Middleton releases his new album Human Don’t Be Angry on April 16, through Chemikal Underground, marking a welcome return to the legendary label.

It’s a a different kind of record for Middleton, reliant on electronic production rather than his guitar based song writing.

Middleton’s emotional bitter sweet attitude , however,  is never far from the albums bright and breezy outlook which is pretty 80’s influenced – yes even with a spot of Jan Hammer!

The nine track album named checks Back To The Future, and Live Aid and is an irresistibly melodic collision of electronica, live drums, guitars and drum machines.

It was produced by drum programmer Paul Savage and features Arab Strap buddy Aiden Moffat on live drums.

The full track listing is

1-      The Missing Plutonium
2-      HDBA Theme
3-      First Person Singular, Present Tense
4-      After The Pleasuredome
5-      Monologue: River
6-      Jaded
7-      1985
8-      Asklipiio
9-      Getting Better (At Feeling Like Shit)

Full review to follow



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