This week’s best album streams 14-2-12

The internets were undoubtedly made for pictures of cats or Ross Kemp folded, everything else is an accident, but a spectacular side effect of kitten-falling- off-a-shed gifs has been the album stream. This new weekly column will round up the best of the album streams out there.

Music sites from across the globe are securing exclusive access to the best new albums, allowing the masses- that’s you- to consume records in full before deciding what to spend your gin money on in a form of liberalised music tendering for times of austerity…….

Tennis- Young and Old (streamed through

If the sheer joy of Tennis’ dream fuzz could be packaged, there would be some very happy Columbians because The Man in city hall would surely ban it. Politicians should be apoplectic at the kids binging on Young And Old’s reinvented Motown melodies which ache with the Concretes’ optimism, and tremolo tiki-bar charm……CONTINUE READING HERE

Originally published: The 405 February, 15



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