Festival Preview: Lovebox Line-up Announced

Lovebox festival returns to Victoria Park in June to celebrate a Decade of Love with a frankly awesome line-up led by Hot Chip, Friendly Fires, Crystal Castles and the legendary Nile Rogers and Bobby Womack.

Although in mid-February the thought of spending three days in a park in Hackney — especially if you endured a dire Blondie in the rain at last year’s event —  might not fill you with glee, just imagine kicking back with a cider while The Two Bears and Azari and III tickle your sun kissed face. It’s good, yeah?…..CONTINUE READING HERE              Originally published: Londonist February 15, 2012

One Response to “Festival Preview: Lovebox Line-up Announced”
  1. I missed the Sunday but I attended on the Saturday, and URGH the rain was horrid, but that aside I had a really good time, if you didn’t go on the Saturday you can check out my review here: http://www.wikifestivals.com/content/lovebox-review-saturday-16th-july-2011

    Are you looking forward to attending any other London festivals? I was thinking of Field Day or Apple Cart, do you know much about either of those events?

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