NZCA/Lines – NZCA/Line: Album Review

Originally published: The Line of Best Fit February 23, 2012

….The album’s highlight is ‘Moonlit Car Chase’, a disturbing love soul-ballad which is Scritti Politti singing Sade watched by Orwelian cowbells, which occasionally breaks into a driving Duran Duran beat.  Its cleansed ’80s minimalism is sinisterly reminiscent of the film American Psycho, with its slick precision and schizophrenic shadows. The song’s qualities place Lovett as a great songwriter, musician and visionary, it’s that good.

What makes NZCA/Lines so special is the way that it sounds comfortingly familiar as if ingrained in our DNA, while still oozing the excitement of the undiscovered.  Lovett has produced an album which relies on timeless songwriting and taps into the essence of soulful pop, shamelessly repackaging what works into a truly invigorating display of craftsmanship. NZCA/Lines reinvents traditional pop for a contemporary audience, resulting in a modern classic.……READ FULL REVIEW HERE.


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