Interview with Tribes “Guitar Music; Doesn’t Need Saving”

Originally published: Londonist February 24.

Camden’s Tribes, one of our Ones To Watchacts, are bucking the trend of fashionable scene bands who pay attention to their image than their rehearsals, by being an unashamedly British guitar group. Their debut album Baby came out in January filled with rousing gang anthems which tap in to the essence to traditional rock and roll, yet dragging it in to 2012.

Their rise is thanks to an avid fanbase across the country who have supported them, promoted their gigs and given them a room on tour, a following they are eager to repay. Their grass roots attitude makes them unique in professionally managed industry and has given Tribes the experience to thrive, and by dominating the Camden scene they are bringing the areas heritage up to date.

As Tribes tour the UK as part of the NME tour Londonist caught up with bassist Jim Cratchley.

How would you describe Tribes Sound and what makes it special
We all agree that it’s British Rock No Roll. A lot of people try to pin us down as grunge without listening to us, but as soon as people hear us they realise were not heavy enough to be a grunge band.

Which British bands inspire you?
Me and Johnny we were brought up listening to the Rolling Stones and The Beatles and Led Zeppelin and that sort of thing. Of course there’s Black Sabbath so we have some roots in the heavier stuff. But it a love of the Stones which we all share and we think informs our music.

Is there anyone contemporary who you admire?
There are loads of really good bands coming through. When people say guitar music’s dead they’re probably not looking hard enough. There’s a band called Sharks from Leamington, who are a total balls out punk band, a band from London called Whales In Cubicles who are like a heavy Pavement. We really admire the Horrors too cos their friends of ours…CONTINUE READING HERE


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