SoKo – I Thought I Was An Alien: Album Review

Originally Published: The Line Of Best Fit Februay, 24, 2012

There’s always a risk with movie stars breaking into music, as with any crossover; talent in one art from doesn’t dictate an excellence in all disciplines. Keanu Reeves’ embarrassing band Dogstar comes to mind (actually Reeves’ entire career does too – except Wyld Stallyns who rule) or any Madonna film: follies which are only possible due the artists’ standing. But SoKo proves raw talent is the finest currency and she pays it out with gently understated vocals and haunting melodies. She isn’t showing off and shuns Californian cocksureness – no doubt thanks to Elliot Smith-collaborator Fritch Michaud’s guidance.

What’s so striking about I Thought I Was An Alien is how lo-fi it feels. ‘I Just Want To Make It New With You’ starts with a vintage drum machine and an under-amped popping bass barely supporting SoKo’s fragile vocals. As she sings “You start to think I’m boring cos I’m straight edge since I’m 18/But I’ll write you songs to prove I love you, although I hope you don’t hate me by then”, the album’s themes of loneliness and outsider chic become apparent, firmly bedded in twee melancholia, which is calmingly humble.….READ FULL REVIEW HERE


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