The Week’s Best Album Streams 28-2-12

Originally published: The 405 February 28, 2012

Last week the Brit Awards were unavoidable whether it was a diva’s middle finger or Ron Weasley trying to be Bono. But while I nursed a hangover from the ceremony’s free wine, people were out buying Adele’s album, again – a 37per cent increase! More fool them because I checked out free music which isn’t even released yet instead, and of course The 405 lead the way with a stream of Team Me’s excellent To The Treetops!….

…..Mouse On Mars – Parastrophics (

The German electro pioneers return after almost six years with down and dirty bass grinding beast. Yes their trademark quirky squelches remain prevalent but they’ve discovered da funk and are heading for the dance floor with distorted Mr Oizo wobbles and trippin’ west coast bad-boys. It’s phenomenal album which Justice could only dream of making.

Nite Jewel – One Second of Love (Gorilla Vs Bear)

Ramona Gonzalez’ second Nite Jewel album is part rousing power ballad and part electro croon. Its engrained intelligence is cutting edge yet the use of vibrato ensures there’s a Sade feel running through it, but purely paying homage. One Second of Love is rooted in dark minimal urban beats which are bleak, slick and majestically mature…..READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


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