Interview with Fanfarlo – “We’re planning on getting different security services from all over the world to endorse us”

Originally published: Londonist, February, 28, 2012

London inde-folksters Fanfarlo are back with an amazing second album, Rooms Filled with Light, which sees them edge away from the folk world and embrace synths and electric guitars. This musical shift, however, adds a new dynamic to their music, which sounds more accomplished and ambitious.

Whereas their debut, Reservoir, was self-released, this time they have the backing of a major label which perfectly suits their global appeal and allows their ideas to finally flourish. They headline North London’s Scala  on Thursday 1 March for what will surely be the start of a rise into bigger venues.

On a cold day in a Soho tea room Londonist caught up with singer Simon Balthazar and multi-instrumentalist Cathy Lucas to chat about a love of analogue and international security forces.

You’ve just come from Korea. Did you go to see the North? Is it just a barren wasteland?
(Simon) It’s a bit like that, but the de-militarized zone is the only thing you can actually see, which is a wasteland.
(Cathy) No, that’s quite lush because no one can go there. But there are parts where you can see North Korea properly and they’ve just cut down all the trees because they haven’t got anything to build houses with.

Was there any temptation to do an impromptu set for the soldiers there?
(C) Big laughs Justin got some video of one of the soldiers going ‘Fanfarlo’ which we’ll probably put on line at some point. We’re now planning on getting different security services from all over the world to endorse us. Next time US border control, see if they’re up for it…..CONTINUE READING HERE


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