This Week’s Best Album Streams: March 6, 2012

Originally published: The 405, March 6, 2012

So Johnny Marr said he’ll reform The Smiths if the government quit. Well that’s just what we need, more nostalgia acts. But just because something’s old doesn’t mean they’re past it; take this week’s other big news, Engelbert Humperdinck flying the Eurovision flag for Blighty – at least he’ll be better than Jemini, Six Chix, Imaani or any other previous young upstarts. Even the biggest stream was from a golden oldie – Bruce Springsteen’s epic Wrecking Ball (excluded from here because it’s seemingly everywhere else)….

….Tanlines – Mixed Emotions (
You may have thought Vampire Weekend cornered the market of 80’s afrobeat, but Tanlines’ amazing debut shows the Vamp’s were merely Chevy Chase to this Brooklyn duo’s Paul Simon – such is the ingenuity to their rhythmic electro. Mixed Emotions is cooler than Tom Tom Club wearing a Wire’s shades outside CBGB’s with Abe Vigoda dropping by, and it’s airy production and urgent rhythms make it a wonder to hear.

The first collaboration between Vince Clark and Martin Gore since Clarke left Depeche Mode in 1981 is a phenomenal achievement from electronica’s pioneers. SSSS’ beats are urgent and its punchy energetic synths warp around tumultuous bass. If these guys had stayed together modern electro would be 20 years ahead of where it is now. VCMG may just re-energise the superclub…..CONTINUE READING FULL ARTICLE HERE


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