Yeti Lane – The Echo Show: Album review

Originally published: The Line Of Best Fit, March 6, 2012

Psychedelic rock. Two words which strike fear in the heart of anyone with a punk mentality. Spinning synthesisers, mega organs, and five hour light shows which make orphaned polar bears cry should be kept indefinitely rendered in the BBC vaults– only allowed out for the Stuart Maconie 6Music show no one listens to.   OK, The Flaming Lips are allowed, because they’re The Flaming Lips and perfect. Besides, there are always exceptions: even naff ’90s soap Eldorado had a cool character.

So what place is there for Parisian duo Yeti Lane in an instantly gratified, 140-character modern culture? Why spend a day at the zoo, when there’s a meme of a wet sloth hanging from a clothes horse? Well, as any psych fan, or veteran acid wizard, will tell you, “There’s a war going on maan”, and nowadays it’s between the likes of Muse, who’ve adopted the pomposity of psych and privatised it for Cameron’s middle England, and Yeti Lane’s transcendental second disc The Echo Show…..CONTINUE READING FULL ARTICLE HERE


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