The Staves Interview “We’re just dickheads to each other and wait until the dust settles”

Originally published: Londonist March 12, 2012

Watford’s The Staves are arguably the most deserving additions to our Ones To Watchlist. After hearing their debut release, The Mexico EP, it was obvious these three sisters had a rare talent, one which combined traditional harmonies with a cutting edge insight into modern song-craft.

Recent folk has meandered towards the quirky banjos and waistcoats of dating site adverts, or has been so stuck in tradition it still used guineas and groats to buy flagons of mead; someone needed to breathe new life in to a parodied genre, and The Staves have administered it….

…..Weren’t you a tempted to completely rebel against the 60’s stuff and form a spandex three girl pop troupe?
(C) Well that’s how we started out. You didn’t see us in the early days.
(J) I think it’s hard when you’re young because you’re exposed to the radio and the charts which can a dangerous thing. But we always just loved the music and got on well with our parents, and didn’t fell we had to rebel, we weren’t forced to listen to it.
(E) We’ve all bought our fair share of dodgy albums which I won’t go into, but it’s come right in the end.

How did your own song writing start?
(J) I started realising I could write songs because I learnt to play guitar really, and I really got into it.  But like most people, we had to go through a few crappy ones before getting to one that’s quite good.

Being sisters, and in a band there must be moments of conflict, how do you deal with it in a civilised way?
(Big laughs)
(E) There’s nothing civilised about it.
(J) We know each other so well and spend so much time together so if there’s a problem we can just tell each other, and it’s OK if one of us gets in a mood, ‘cos it’s always gonna be alright in the end.
(E) But I wouldn’t say we deal with it. We’re just dickheads to each other and wait until the dust settles, so I suppose that’s our way of dealing with it….READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE


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