This week’s best album streams March 13, 2012

Originally published on The 405, March 13, 2012

“Just be nice.” Even in 1995 Dave Grohl was staking his claim to the nicest frontman in rock, as he appealed to the 20,000 crowd in a 10,000 capacity tent at Reading Festival. I was there, at the front barriers, for what is the best and scariest gig of all time. So when a stream of the show emerged at, the memories and the bruises came flooding back. Of course this was a thinly disguised hint to their headline slot at this year’s Reads – you got it right?….

….Kindness – World You Need a Change of Mind (

The excitement of hearing Adam Bainbridge’s Kindness debut has been building since 2009, and we have been graciously honoured with its magnificence. World You Need… is a musicologist’s wet dream with the range of dance, disco and funk covered; ‘That’s Alright’ is NPG era Prince emulating Paul Hardcastle while ‘Gee Up’ is white boy ESG. True innovation honours the past and Bainbridge has banished nostalgia for a fantastically revolutionary masterpiece.

Jennifer Castle – Castlemusic (

This beautiful record from Fucked Up and Constantines collaborator Jenifer Castle is a woozy, slow burning take on graveyard country, which embeds itself in lush textures and haunting harmonies. Its hazy sparseness allows Castle’s gentle melodies to grow and sonically ingratiate themselves like favoured blanket. Castlemusic is a truly essential and mesmerising album…..READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


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