New pop song: Samsaya – Stereotype

Samsaya-500x500This is Samsaya, not MIA.

She is a Norwegian pop singer and actress who really wants to be MIA in her new photo, but hasn’t hung out with Madonna yet.

Samsaya has a single out called Stereotype which isn’t a cover of the Blur song Stereotype, but has the same poppy twinge as the popular indie group’s song.

The singer from Blur used to go out with Justine Frischmann from Elastica. Frischmann co-wrote song of MIA’s songs and MIA was a bridesmaid at her wedding. Psych.

Samsaya’a Stereotype is pure bubblegum joy with some “oh ohs”,  a bit like the one’s from Rhi Rhi’s Pon de replay, and disco-pop beats which are slightly dance-hall influenced.

It’s catchy.

This is it.

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