Embrace reinvent themselves as Nine Inch Nails


90s indie band Embrace have reinvented themselves as industrial titans Nine Inch Nails in a sinister promo video.

Embrace used to sound like this in 1997.

Now they sound like they want to be Downward Spiral era NiN.

There’s a good chance Embrace will end up sounding like little remembered 90s band Headswim. They were anthemic and a bit gothy.

It has been seven years five months and 30 days since they were last around.

Embrace’s last single was I Can’t Come Down. It reached 29 in the charts.

It was from their fifth album This New Day which feaurted their biggest selling song Nature’s Law. That song reached number two in the charts.

In the  same year they released the England World cup song World At Your Feet. England were beaten 3-1 on penalties in the quarter-finals by Portugal.


Danny McNamara’s band are staying coy about their comeback. Bookmark their website to keep track of developments.


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