This week’s best album streams March 13, 2012

Originally published on The 405, March 13, 2012 “Just be nice.” Even in 1995 Dave Grohl was staking his claim to the nicest frontman in rock, as he appealed to the 20,000 crowd in a 10,000 capacity tent at Reading Festival. I was there, at the front barriers, for what is the best and scariest … Continue reading

Happy birthday and God Save the NME

Originally published: The Independent March, 6, 2012 It’s a republican nightmare, but Britain’s fortunes are inexplicably linked with our Queen’s. Whether it’s Elizabethan New World exploration or Victorian industrialisation, Britain’s might requires reginae tactus. Yet never has the realm’s cultural wealth coincided with the Monarch, than with our Lizzie and pop music. Today sees the … Continue reading

This Week’s Best Album Streams: March 6, 2012

Originally published: The 405, March 6, 2012 So Johnny Marr said he’ll reform The Smiths if the government quit. Well that’s just what we need, more nostalgia acts. But just because something’s old doesn’t mean they’re past it; take this week’s other big news, Engelbert Humperdinck flying the Eurovision flag for Blighty – at least … Continue reading

The Week’s Best Album Streams 28-2-12

Originally published: The 405 February 28, 2012 Last week the Brit Awards were unavoidable whether it was a diva’s middle finger or Ron Weasley trying to be Bono. But while I nursed a hangover from the ceremony’s free wine, people were out buying Adele’s album, again – a 37per cent increase! More fool them because … Continue reading

This week’s best album streams 21-2-12

Originally published: The 405 21 February The biggest stream of the week was undoubtedly Whitney Houston’s funeral. Who couldn’t resist watching Kevin Costner and Bobby Brown break down (or storm out) – or even Chris Cornell plugging his solo tour with a TV rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You’? Well I could. So instead … Continue reading

The IntererWeb’s Best Album Streams 7-2-2012

The discovery of the internets in a Chillian acid mine has spawned may fads. People used to use chat room and forums -remeber Angst on the NME- but now they’re just for paedos and sci-fi fans. The rest use Twitter. The latest, and by far best, is the album stream. They’re chances to hear the … Continue reading

Madonna Finally we have pop music back.

For too long pop music has been caught up in fashion, shock and acceptance. A hipster dominated industry belittles anything which doesn’t live up to its bass fuelled desires and backlashes start before the first remix is released. But finally pop can brazenly star jump in spandex once again, because at long last we have … Continue reading

Disappointing albums: Elastica The Menace

Originally published: Neon Filler January 16, 2012 I contributed to the Top 10 most disappointing follow up albums for Neon Filler ELASTICA- THE MENACE The five years Elastica took to release The Menace was longer than the post-punk period they thrived to emulate and marked them as millennium’s first has beens. Their album Elastica was … Continue reading

Why is modern TV pandering to gender stereotypes?

Originally published: Independent January 13, 2012 Spank! It’s not quite up there with “pukka” and “done”, yet it surpasses both in pandering to the inane gender stereotyping engrained in The Fabulous Baker Brothers. Put it in the oven, Spank. Throw it on the table, Spank Spank! Even Jim Davidson would shun Spank as a catchphrase. … Continue reading

London Music Ones To Watch 2012

Originally published: Londonist 12 January, 2012 London produces the best music in the world with home grown talent revitalising itself each year, and 2012 guarantees to silence those troublesome Manc and Brooklynite competitors for good. No longer is London’s music scene defined by a specific patch or cliquey area. Whereas the past had Carnaby Street, … Continue reading