The Staves Interview “We’re just dickheads to each other and wait until the dust settles”

Originally published: Londonist March 12, 2012 Watford’s The Staves are arguably the most deserving additions to our Ones To Watchlist. After hearing their debut release, The Mexico EP, it was obvious these three sisters had a rare talent, one which combined traditional harmonies with a cutting edge insight into modern song-craft. Recent folk has meandered … Continue reading

Interview with Fanfarlo – “We’re planning on getting different security services from all over the world to endorse us”

Originally published: Londonist, February, 28, 2012 London inde-folksters Fanfarlo are back with an amazing second album, Rooms Filled with Light, which sees them edge away from the folk world and embrace synths and electric guitars. This musical shift, however, adds a new dynamic to their music, which sounds more accomplished and ambitious. Whereas their debut, … Continue reading

Interview with Tribes “Guitar Music; Doesn’t Need Saving”

Originally published: Londonist February 24. Camden’s Tribes, one of our Ones To Watchacts, are bucking the trend of fashionable scene bands who pay attention to their image than their rehearsals, by being an unashamedly British guitar group. Their debut album Baby came out in January filled with rousing gang anthems which tap in to the essence … Continue reading

Beth Jeans Houghton interview: “I hate London”

Originally printed: The Independent, february 13 Falling from the limelight is often damaging to any artist and devastating at the start of a career. Yet for Beth Jeans Houghton the rise of the Marling’s and the Welch’s, while the Sheeran’s took our dollar, couldn’t have been better. Hougton’s style always tilted towards the credible outsiders … Continue reading

Inverview with Fever Dream

Originally Published Londonist: February 3, 2012 East London’s Fever Dreammanage the rare feat of sounding like all your favorite bands without parodying any of them. Their inclusion in our Ones To Watch list was earned following a mesmerizing Lexington show which teetered on the edge of disjointed drone, yet maintained composure by transcending lo-fi shoegaze … Continue reading

Interview with Pris

Originally published on Londonist November 29 North London’s Prisare the kind of sassy rock n roll vixens of mythology. They’re part Blondie’s sultry post punk, part Alice Cooper glam, with Courtney Love strutting, and seemingly living on a diet purely of Babycham and lipstick. Not content with ripped fishnets they’re ripping into mainstream lad rock … Continue reading

Interview with Emmy The Great

Originally published on Londonist November 21, 2011 When Londonist found out adopted Londoner Emmy The Great and indiepop heart throb Tim Wheeler were playing a one off Christmas show at Bush Hall on December 14our hearts swooned with thoughts of snow flakes and fireside jumpers, and we weren’t far off. Their album, This Is Christmas, evokes … Continue reading

Guillemots Interview

Originally published on Londonist November 10, 2011 Since releasing their debut album Through the Windowpane in 2006 Guillemotshave grown to be one the best respected folk rock bands in Britain. Renowned for playing typewriters, and filling the stage with antiques, their live shows have taken them to the world biggest stages while acquiring fans such … Continue reading

“All your worst dreams rolled into one” an interview with Summer Camp

Originally published on Londonist October 29, 2011 Summer Camp’s timeless indie-pop is a rare treat indeed. Often alt-pop has a bland 60’s feel, a disposable modern hipster edge or the cringworthy quirkiness of a dating site advert, so when Summer Camp bust into our hearts in 2010 it felt as though our dreams had come … Continue reading

Club Preview: Ja Ja Ja- a Nordic affair

Originally published on Londonist September 27, 2011 Scandinavian and Nordic music receives a unique London showcase with the re-launch of Ja Ja Ja, a monthly club night dedicated to introducing the most beguiling and exciting of the region’s bands to the city. As autumn leaves settle across London and woolly cardigans become a winter wardrobe mainstay … Continue reading