Ones to watch: Deap Vally to Joey Bada$$

  Originally published: THE INDEPENDENT, 18 June Our weekly look at the best new acts to follow and fall in love with features grit spittin’ rock duos and underage rappers with cool names. Deap Vally Sending the interwebs crazy this week, making everyone forget about Savages, were two bad ass Californian girls who sweat liquor-bar … Continue reading

This week’s best album streams 14-2-12

The internets were undoubtedly made for pictures of cats or Ross Kemp folded, everything else is an accident, but a spectacular side effect of kitten-falling- off-a-shed gifs has been the album stream. This new weekly column will round up the best of the album streams out there. Music sites from across the globe are securing … Continue reading

Inverview with Fever Dream

Originally Published Londonist: February 3, 2012 East London’s Fever Dreammanage the rare feat of sounding like all your favorite bands without parodying any of them. Their inclusion in our Ones To Watch list was earned following a mesmerizing Lexington show which teetered on the edge of disjointed drone, yet maintained composure by transcending lo-fi shoegaze … Continue reading

The Line Of Best Fit 2012 Writers Picks

Photo by Emiliano Marquez. Please don’t sue me- I will remove if it you want- this is all non commercial and not part of The Line Of Best Fit. I just wanted to share it cos it’s amazing. Originally published: The Line Of Best Fit, January 3, 2011 David Newbury The guitar died when Mclusky … Continue reading

Bandstand Busks

Originally published on Londonist October 28, 2011 Photo by Anika Mottershaw Bandstand Busks have been taking place across London since 2008 with wonderful bands playing acoustically for free. The latest Busk takes place on the Eve of All Hallows Eve (the day before Halloween to you and me featuring performances from dreamy London duo Big … Continue reading

Interview with Fear of Men

Hearing the sweeping melodies of Fear of Men’s ‘Ritual Confession’ for the first time makes the hairs on your neck tingle with joy and your heart skip with delight. The second time, you’re inescapably swept along with its hazy dreams. This is timeless indiepop in its purest form, simple, breath taking and with a fuzz … Continue reading

Best band in the world #1 The Bandana Splits

Hailing from Brooklyn the Bandana Splits are the new Doo Wop inspired group from alt-folk heroine Dawn Landes. Having worked with the likes of Josh Ritter, Landes has taken a change of direction to embrace the vintage sounds of Phil Spector. They have the cutsie girl group pin-up look of 50’s saccharine and cola floats, … Continue reading