Yeti Lane – The Echo Show: Album review

Originally published: The Line Of Best Fit, March 6, 2012 Psychedelic rock. Two words which strike fear in the heart of anyone with a punk mentality. Spinning synthesisers, mega organs, and five hour light shows which make orphaned polar bears cry should be kept indefinitely rendered in the BBC vaults– only allowed out for the … Continue reading

SoKo – I Thought I Was An Alien: Album Review

Originally Published: The Line Of Best Fit Februay, 24, 2012 There’s always a risk with movie stars breaking into music, as with any crossover; talent in one art from doesn’t dictate an excellence in all disciplines. Keanu Reeves’ embarrassing band Dogstar comes to mind (actually Reeves’ entire career does too – except Wyld Stallyns who … Continue reading

NZCA/Lines – NZCA/Line: Album Review

Originally published: The Line of Best Fit February 23, 2012 ….The album’s highlight is ‘Moonlit Car Chase’, a disturbing love soul-ballad which is Scritti Politti singing Sade watched by Orwelian cowbells, which occasionally breaks into a driving Duran Duran beat.  Its cleansed ’80s minimalism is sinisterly reminiscent of the film American Psycho, with its slick … Continue reading

Barry Adamson – I Will Set You Free: album review

Legends always need a companion to support their id. Whether it’s Don Quixote’s Sancho Panza or Sherlock’s Dr Watson, our heroes of folklore need a trusted squire to fulfil their destinies. So it is with pop music; its revered stars gaining critical acclaim and getting name-dropped with aplomb while vying for an ATP curatorship, but rarely … Continue reading

Tribes – Baby; album review

Originally published: The Line Of Best Fit January 16, 2012 It would be easy to dismiss Tribesout of hand. There’s something easy to dislike about four lads who still hang around Camden beyond the age of 14, and they don’t do themselves any favours by dressing like Razorlight just before they decided leather tassels and … Continue reading

Fortuna pop 15 ft The Primitives: Scala, 1/11/11 live review Originally published on The Line Of Best Fit November 8, 2011 The Stone Roses‘ reformation may have grafted the great indie comeback – initiated by Blur and qualified by Pulp – onto the hearts of nostalgic thirtysomethings who, despite finally getting to grips with Soundcloud, feel their 90’s expertise is redundant in the eyes … Continue reading

Bardo Pond live at XOYO 22/10/11

Originally published on The Line Of Best Fit October 26, 2011 Beards are a major part of rock. They signify dedication and appreciation, a laid back attitude and something to stroke during widdly bits. The Beard’s anaemic cropped cousins may be the hijacked uniform of fey hipsters, but it’s still possible to spot a true … Continue reading

Spectrals- Bad Penny album review

Originally published on The Line Of Best Fit October 25, 2011 Mid October is the last chance saloon for debut album releases.  Any later and they risk being caught up in Christmas releases and the last of a year’s ‘biggies’ or simply ignored because hacks are putting together their end of year lists and trying … Continue reading

Herman Dune at Union Chapel

Originally published on The Line Of Best Fit October 20, 2011 Islington’s Union Chapel is arguably London’s best place to watch bands. Not only are performers nakedly humble amongst the candle lit columns, dominated by the vast dome and rose window, but you can have a mug of tea and a sit nice down – … Continue reading