Ones to watch: Deap Vally to Joey Bada$$

  Originally published: THE INDEPENDENT, 18 June Our weekly look at the best new acts to follow and fall in love with features grit spittin’ rock duos and underage rappers with cool names. Deap Vally Sending the interwebs crazy this week, making everyone forget about Savages, were two bad ass Californian girls who sweat liquor-bar … Continue reading

Exclusive: Mary Epworth, Dream Life

Originally published: The Independent, 12 June Having made her name following a Sandy Denny tribute concert in 2008, Mary Epworth spent four years revitalising the kind of psychedelic pop singer the late 60s created so well. The resulting feral stomp of ‘Black Doe’ was play-listed at 6 Music and Radio 2 and introduced a fiery … Continue reading

Happy birthday and God Save the NME

Originally published: The Independent March, 6, 2012 It’s a republican nightmare, but Britain’s fortunes are inexplicably linked with our Queen’s. Whether it’s Elizabethan New World exploration or Victorian industrialisation, Britain’s might requires reginae tactus. Yet never has the realm’s cultural wealth coincided with the Monarch, than with our Lizzie and pop music. Today sees the … Continue reading

Beth Jeans Houghton interview: “I hate London”

Originally printed: The Independent, february 13 Falling from the limelight is often damaging to any artist and devastating at the start of a career. Yet for Beth Jeans Houghton the rise of the Marling’s and the Welch’s, while the Sheeran’s took our dollar, couldn’t have been better. Hougton’s style always tilted towards the credible outsiders … Continue reading